Digital Matter approved batteries

Digital Matter Approved Batteries

If you a looking to replace the batteries in your asset tracker, please be aware that these devices should be using lithium batteries as these are the Digital Matter approved batteries. Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are guaranteed not to leak.

Alkaline batteries should not be used due to their tendency to leak, as well as the shorter battery life which affects the tracking life expectancy. We can’t assure the tracking life span when alkaline batteries are used nor will we offer replacement of units due to damage caused by leaking alkaline batteries. PLEASE NOTE: The use of alkaline batteries in these devices will void the warranty.

Please read: Why Alkaline Batteries Are Prone to Leaking.

Changing Batteries

It is the end user’s responsibility to change the batteries on their unit using Digital Matter approved batteries. Appropriate care needs to be taken when opening up devices to change the batteries to ensure that devices are not damaged due to static electricity or over-tightening of screws. Before opening up the device, discharge any static electricity by touching a piece of metal.

The device must be sealed carefully. Ensure that the clear silicon seal is in good condition, is lying flat, and is not fouled by any plastic debris or other material.

  1. Close the housing, and gently squeeze it shut. Foam on the lid will compress against the batteries, holding them firmly in place.
  2. Tighten the screws to a uniform tightness. With the first few assemblies, the screws may be quite stiff. Be mindful not to overtighten the screws as this may crack the casing.

The silicone seal is what is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the housing. So when sealing, we are looking for:

  • Even pressure along all points of the seal
  • A uniform gap between the housing lid and base (approx 1mm)

If you are still unsure of the appropriate batteries for your device, please contact us.

Battery Level

Please see this page on viewing the battery level information in your Telematics Guru platform.