The Telematics Guru platform that you use for your Digital Matter devices allows you to view the battery level right in the platform! The Energizer Lithium batteries used in your battery-operated asset trackers can last years depending on the tracking parameters and environment, however a good practice is to periodically check their battery level.

Steps to View Device Battery Level Information:

  1. Log into your Telematics Guru platform
  2. Click Assets > Battery Management
    Battery management section of TG for battery estimate.
  3. From here you can see all of your devices along with there current uptime (since last reset), battery voltage, battery percentage and the estimate battery remaining.
    Battery Level Information

Please keep in mind that these values are estimates, but good ones at that. If you are on a rate plan which allows for Recovery Mode, you should always replace the batteries once the asset is back in your hands as Recovery Mode greatly depletes the battery.


Digital Matter Approved Batteries for Asset Trackers