Aggregates delivery GPS Tracking

Real time tracking and logging of all trips done

Provided by GPS Tracking America

Many companies in aggregates delivery implement new customer service initiatives with the introduction of real-time delivery status information for their client orders.

GPS Tracking America  can help you with GPS tracking system aggregates delivery companies increase productivity by accessing truck locations from any computer with internet access. GPS tracking technology provides information regarding delivery status, including whether trucks have been loaded or are in route to any job site, job site crew productivity and profitability.

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Geotab is known as a world leader in the development of small form factor gps tracking devices like this one that simply connect to vehicles. Whether they’re diesel, hybrid, heavy-duty trucks or personal, but it’s our engineering behind the technology software and connections to the engine and the gps tracking devices themselves that make the Geotab difference. Geotab manufactures our own gps tracking hardware. We own our intellectual-property, we own the designs. We manufacture the gps tracking systems in-house. Our gps tracking devices are designed to withstand extremes. We are testing all of our gps vehicle tracking devices prior to shipping. This results in the lowest place failure rate in the industry. Geotab remains laser focused on engineering excellence and our value-added sales partners are laser focus on customer. GPS tracking vehicle hardware and new web-based software and reports to customer need is exactly the Geotab model.