Five Top Tips For Effective Fleet Management

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Five Top Tips For Effective Fleet Management Tips on how to cut costs and save money Provided by GPS Tracking America Fleet management is no straight forward task, yet there are a few small changes fleet operators can make that can return some big results. See the below top tips […] Read more »

Converting Big Data into Relevant Fleet Management Information

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Converting Big Data into Relevant Fleet Management Information Overview of Big Data in Fleet Management Provided by Geotab   Many firms are looking to define what is the true meaning of Big Data in the GPS tracking system industry. In today’s data-driven economy, companies are wirelessly collecting huge volumes of […] Read more »

Calif. Sheriff’s Idling Vehicles Wasted $1.25M in Fuel

The San Barbara County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Office’s fuel cost for idling patrol vehicles has exceeded $1.25 million since 2008, according to a Santa Barbara County (Calif.) Grand Jury report released this month. The practice does not conform to the county’s anti-idling established that year. The Sheriff’s Office says officers leave […] Read more »

Advancements in Shipping with GPS Vehicle Tracking

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Being in the transport industry can bear such daunting tasks. Not only that, the contingencies can be more on the risky side, especially when the vehicles are already in transit to deliver the goods. That would be the main reason why updates are required to be reported by the driver […] Read more »

Improving Invoice Accuracy Saves You Time, Money and Increases Your Profits

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Of course you know that your business would be nowhere without invoices. Just a single piece of paper can represent hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your bottom line. Have you ever stopped to think how much more it can contribute beyond the “Amount Due” line? An effective and […] Read more »

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Transportation Company Needs GPS Tracking

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The transportation industry by nature benefits from the perks and advantages that GPS tracking provides; namely, GPS tracking. If your business isn’t using GPS-based tracking, you very well may be missing out on quite a bit of leverage that your competitors very well may be benefiting from. It goes without […] Read more »