GPS Tracking Systems in the Basement Systems Industry


Basement Waterproofing GPS Tracking benefits include

accounting, workplace compliance, and automation of data entry.

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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GPS tracking for basement waterproofing vehicles can reduce technicians’ overtime and fuel cost. Without tracking systems installed, there is  no way of verifying that the basement waterproofing technicians really did show up on time.

So many issues can be resolved just by the technicians knowing that we they are being tracked. With basement waterproofing GPS tracking, there is no more guessing or having to call the customer to verify that technicians are being honest and following company policies.

The records generated by GPS tracking can also be used to assist with accounting and worksite compliance — reducing paperwork, shortening invoice cycles and, most importantly, saving time. More recent innovations in GPS tracking software for vehicles and equipment include GPS tracking system integration, which enables GPS trackers to log and transmit engine activity, power-take-off (PTO) signals and even sudden directional changes.

One important feature is the automation of data entry. Electronic logging of engine on-off hours, fuel purchases, and miles driven eliminate manual data entry errors for related reporting, and provide verifiable logs for accounting and legal purposes. Whether used to sum up fuel costs, validate payroll, or create compliance reports, electronic data reported and logged via GPS tracking can save project managers, bookkeepers and CPAs a lot of time and headaches year round, especially at tax time.

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