Water Treatment Systems Installation Vehicle Tracking

Benefits Include Protection Against False Claims, Reduced Unauthorized Use, Increased Driver Safety

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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    • Customer Service – Businesses need to provide good customer service to thrive and GPS tracking can help. Real time tracking data allows you to see where your employees are  and can help with dispatching so that your customers experience less delays.
    • Dispatch – Dispatching is made easier than ever by being able to track vehicles in real time. By being able to see where drivers are at all times, it is easy to dispatch the closest vehicle to the client’s location. Not only does GPS tracking make routing more easily, but it improves customer satisfaction.
    • Increased Productivity: With easy routing and real time tracking data easily available online, it’s easy to see how a GPS tracking system can help your water treatment installation business. All the data that you receive from the GPS tracking devices can also help to train employees and allow them to improve their efficiency
    • Reduced Costs: GPS tracking can help reduce costs for your business in many ways. With live tracking data available, you get access to speeding and idling information and can allow you to cut fuel costs and reduce overtime costs as well. Water treatment installation GPS tracking can have a substantial ROI when you learn how to use all the features provded.  Custom alerts and notifications can help to track unauthorized or extended trips and makes sure employees are following to company procedures.
    • Protection Against False Claims: With vehicle tracking data easily available, it’s easy to find evidence against any claims you may get against or by your drivers. Detailed history of trips taken and information including speed, idling and stops you can create a picture of any time in question to find out what happened in the case of an accident.

    At GPS Tracking America we know that Geotab’s GPS tracking devices can help your water tbusiness thrive. If you’d like to add GPS tracking to your fleet, you can visit our online store or call us toll free at 1-877-477-0987.