Vehicle Delivery of Demo & Courtesy Vehicles GPS Tracking

Benefits Included For Your Customer Service, Drivers, Upper Management, and Many More

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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  • Customer Service – The use of a GPS tracking solution will make the jobs of many of your customer service staff easier and more streamlined.  Your customers benefit from increased accuracy, faster status reporting, detailed billing information and fewer delays in arrival time.  These are just a few of the ways your customers and your employees will enjoy GPS tracking.
  • Drivers –  Your drivers can supplement their work orders and verify their time spent at appointments and job sites.  This offers them a reliable way to track their progress and protects them (and you!) against customer complaints.  A GPS tracking solution will provide all the details necessary to show time of arrival, time spent at a site, and more!
  • Upper Management – Increased efficiency saves time and money, which results in a larger return on your investment.  Your customers will benefit from up to the minute information.  These improve the image of your company and increase your customer base, too!
  • Accounting – Your accounting department will benefit from the use of reports generated by GPS tracking software, not to mention the huge plus of cutting back on fuel consumption and overtime.  Even the vehicles benefit from lower mileage and increased data on required maintenance.
  • Sales Department – Clearer routing will promote the idea of increased sales by making it to more appointments throughout the course of a work day, increasing their volume and your bottom line. You will become knowledgeable in demonstrating ways that clients benefit, and your sales staff and their productivity can be monitored by your courtesy vehicle GPS tracking solution.

If you’d like to incorporate GPS tracking for your courtesy vehicle business you can visit our online store or contact one of our sales representatives at 1-877-477-0987.