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Remote predictive maintenance helps make breakdowns a thing of the past!

TripVision was designed by Noregon Systems and is an add-on to your existing Geotab services*. Using the engine diagnostic codes provided by the Geotab GO devices sent through to the TripVision platform, the codes are then translated into an easy-to-read format for your predictive maintenance needs. It will also provide information on the effect on the vehicle, recommendations, driver action plans and professional maintenance action plans. Using predictive algorithms TripVision provides fleets of any size with the power to lessen vehicle downtime by preventing serious malfunctions or safety issues before they happen.

Vehicles using the Geotab Pro or Pro+ plans receive engine codes and their descriptions, however this is the raw information. When you use the TripVision platform the MyGeotab integration sends over the codes, evaluates them, and makes predictions on what may happen to the vehicle, how serious it could be, and how soon it should be addressed.

Preventative Maintenance vs. Predictive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance includes the maintenance you perform on a regular basis. This includes tasks such as checking your spark plugs and changing your oil. You complete this maintenance as a preventative measure to ensure your vehicle operates as it should through its everyday use.

When it comes to predictive maintenance, the TripVision platform uses their algorithms and past data along with the sent engine codes to predict whether the codes coming through are potentially pointing towards a larger issue if not dealt with in a timely manner. By dealing with the issues when they’re small, you are helping to eliminate the vehicles being off the road for extensive (and possible expensive!) repairs.

Predictive maintenance overview:

remote predictive maintenance with TripVision

Who Uses TripVision?

A typical user of the TripVision solution includes those in fleet management or maintenance. That being said, the solution is incredibly easy to understand and can be used by both small and large businesses alike. When you have many trucks on the road it can be hard to keep track of their maintenance statuses and so the TripVision solutions helps those in charge of fleets by letting them know about concerns before they become larger problems. They are able to update whether the issues has been handled directly in the system so that the information is easily accessible to anyone with access to the solution.

Return On Investment (ROI)

An unexpected breakdown leading to unplanned downtime can cost your fleet $488 and $760 per day, per vehicle. TripVision lets you fix small problems before they become larger and ending up with a broken down vehicle that you have to take off the road for days or weeks at a time. This can lead to:

  • missed pickups
  • missed delivery windows
  • delayed delivery fees
  • roadside repairs costing you $100s
  • expensive towing fees
  • decreased perception of dependability from clients leading to loss of potential jobs

When you add up the various costs associated with unplanned downtime, it is easy to see why fleet manager want to implement a solution like TripVision. The low monthly monitoring costs are returned many times over when you can saves $1000s a year.

Features include:

24/7 insight

Make informed decisions to maximize uptime with remote diagnostic information.

Predictive Maintenance Technology

Address faults to improve fleet health before serious malfunctions happen.

Preventive Maintenance Tracking

Keep track of your fleet’s maintenance all within one platform.

Configurable User Interface

Configurable alerts for various levels of your organization lets your employees prioritize what they need.

Easy to Understand Dashboard

View health, safety and performance values of your fleet, and identify any potential “problem vehicles”.


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*please note that TripVision will require an active Geotab subscription on Pro Plan or higher.