Monthly Live GPS Tracking with Unlimited Web Access


$30.00 $19.99


  • NO contract to sign
  • NO activation fee
  • NO system licensing fee
  • NO network access fee
  • NO cancellation fee
  • NO extended usage fee (unlimted access)
  • NO extra users fee (unlimited users)
  • NO data overage fee
  • NO software maintenance upgrade fee

(always free for our clients)

  • NO technical support fee

(always free for our clients)



Monthly Live GPS Tracking

  • Unlimited system use via internet access.
  • No extra charge for software updates.
  • Mobile access via iPhone and some models of Blackberry and other smartphones, ie. Android are supported.


All costs are priced per vehicle. At the time of the order, payment is required for the hardware and two full months of the live tracking system monthly usage fee (first month and last month). The monthly live system usage fee is due on the 1st of each month and is payable on a pre-authorized credit card. No long term agreement. Cancel any time with 30 days written notice. The first full month of tracking commences on the 1st of the month subsequent to the receipt of the shipment. Additionally, a prorated partial month fee from day of receipt until the end of the month will be applied to the credit card after activation of the GPS tracking unit. Pricing does not include shipping (no taxes).


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