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Input/Output Expander for Garmin PNDs (Traffic) – IOX-GARMINWT



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Easily connect the GARMIN device to the GO device using the IOX-GARMINWT. The IOX-GARMINWT is an Add-On for Geotab GO devices for Garmin PNDs that require traffic services supporting North America. Once connected, the driver can use the GARMIN as an interface for communication with the dispatcher. It can be used to send routes and “stops” data to the driver for faster communication, increasing the efficiency of the fleet. Different models exist for different markets and can also optionally include traffic information.

The IOX-GARMINWT is a strong solution for customers who specifically use dispatchers to communicate with their drivers.

IOX (Input / Output Expanders) plug directly into the GO device and are used to extend the GO device to peripherals in your vehicle. Leveraging the CAN networks that run on the GO device, IOXs can be daisy-chained together meaning multiple peripherals can be added to the GO device.

  • Two-way communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • Dispatchers can send stops and routes directly to the vehicle
  • Touchscreen communication for drivers
  • Communications are verified and time-stamped
  • All driver information is displayed on a map
  • Garmin Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Plug-and-play, quick installation


How to Install Geotab’s IOX-GARMINWT

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