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Blackberry Radar H2

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Ruggedized, Low Maintenance Asset Tracking Solution

The BlackBerry Radar device builds on 30+ years of experience delivering mission-critical products. By leveraging patented BlackBerry technology, the solution is designed to solve problems facing the transportation and logistics industry. BlackBerry Radar asset monitoring goes beyond just location tracking, providing the holistic status of assets, such as trailers, flatbeds, chassis, containers and equipment, to help improve operations and reduce costs.

Proven Benefits with BlackBerry Radar

Actionable insights and analytics are at your fingertips with the BlackBerry Radar integration into MyGeotab. Better understand and utilize your assets with the rich information provided from the BlackBerry Radar solution.

  • Measure and understand how your assets are being used
  • Increase your container and trailer utilization
  • Grow your operations without buying or leasing new trailers or chassis
  • Increase driver satisfaction and personnel productivity
  • Increase financial forecasting accuracy
  • Improve maintenance scheduling

This is great for:

Owners of trailers, chassis, containers or other equipment that does not have reliable access to power. Operations that are looking to improve efficiency, reduce costs and/or enhance customer service offerings.

  • Reduce wasted driver time looking for assets, waiting for assets or doing yard checks by providing accurate asset location and status details
  • Better manage and utilize their assets to minimize the number of trailers needed to be leased or purchased
  • Reduce the number of and time that owned or leased trailers that are misplaced
  • Address theft and unauthorized usage of their assets
  • Easily and accurately track mileage on their trailers
  • Enhance their customer service offerings by sharing information on leased assets to their customers

Features and Benefits

More Insights from One Device:

With up to 5 sensor readings available from one device, such as container on/off, cargo sensing, GPS location and door open/close, BlackBerry Radar makes it easier to collect more information about the status of your assets to improve your operations. BlackBerry Radar H2 can also wirelessly communicate to external sensors, such as the BlackBerry Radar Cargo Sensor, for enhanced visibility.

Quick & Easy Installation:

Minimize asset downtime with flexible and discrete installation options. Installation requires only 2 bolts and 10 minutes of time – no external wiring, no training needed, no experts required, no calibration. Reduce maintenance costs and keep your drivers on the road.

Ruggedized Construction & Low Maintenance:

Once installed, BlackBerry Radar devices require virtually no maintenance. Devices are self-contained, with no external wires or recharging required. Because the solution is low-touch, there is minimal disruption to your operations, which allows you to maximize your ROI.

Tested to Industry Standards:

  • MIL STD-810G (drop, shock, vibration, salt fog, high altitude, solar, UV)
  • SAE J1455 (water spray)
  • IP67
  • IEC 60529(dust/water ingress)
  • EN 60950-1:2006 (impact)

Battery Life You Can Trust:

BlackBerry Radar devices have up to 6 years of battery life based on a standard use case. The solution is designed with regular and event driven updates to provide more frequent visibility than “1 ping per day” models. The frequency of updates from the device can also be configured to fit your business needs.

Robust & Secure Technology:

Devices are powered by the BlackBerry QNX Operating System that is used in over 120 million vehicles today and BlackBerry Radar data is protected by BlackBerry encryption and authentication services.

Blackberry Radar H2 Spec Sheet

Blackberry Radar H2 Installation Guide

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