Marine : Ship and Boat Management GPS Tracking

Benefits include Theft Reduction and Unauthorized Usage, and Increased Boat Safety

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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Theft Reduction and Unauthorized Usage

With the average boat costing nearly $29,000, theft is a serious issue for any boat owner. GPS tracking is a great tool for theft prevention and recovery because a GPS tracker can quickly identify any unauthorized users or movement of the boat. Many insurance agencies will even offer discounted rates for individuals who take additional precautions to protect their assets. Over a short period of time a GPS tracking system can result in additional savings and security.

Boat rental companies are another group that find GPS tracking system technology can assist by utilizing Geo fencing features to help ensure that their fleet of rented boats stay within a certain pre-determined area. This can help boat rental companies give suggestions on popular boating and fishing spots as well as help reduce theft.

Increased Boating Safety

GPS tracking devices can help reduce theft and increase recovery time, but the vehicle tracking technology can also result in a safer boat, promoting family security. Marine GPS tracking system technology can assist by sending notification via email or cellular phone text message if there is ever a loss of shore power, battery power, or even bilge pump malfunctioning or failure. The vital data recorded and transmitted by the GPS tracking systems can help boaters take preemptive measures to ensure proper maintenance and boat care.

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