Moving the OBDII Port or Installing an Extension Cable

If you decide that the unit sticks out too much, then you could consider making a small adjustment, which is very easy for you to do. Keep in mind that some drivers may not want to be tracked. If the tracking unit is sticking out, then a driver may “accidentally” kick the unit, in order to disable it.

Unscrew the OBDII port, turn it 90°, and tie it back into the vehicle with a simple twist tie. Every OBDII port is connected to the body of the vehicle with either two screws, one single screw, or no screws at all – ie. it pops in/out of the frame.

obd2 port

If you decide that you do not want to make this small adjustment, then you can purchase an extension cable, allowing you to reposition the unit, as shown in the video below.

Please keep in mind that while this video was created for the GO5 model, the same concept applies to all subsequent models.