With everything that goes into Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), you may have some questions about the ELD system provided by Geotab. Here are some common questions we get here at GPS Tracking America.

What information does ELD record?

The ELD system will record the ignition of the vehicle to automatically change your duty status to help drivers reduce fatigue and keep track of their hours of service. The ELD system records the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Engine hours
  • Vehicle miles
  • Driver identification
  • User authentication
  • Vehicle
  • Motor carrier

How does ELD work?

Geotab utilizes a system called Cloud ELD which works with the Geotab Drive App, This means your tracking device and your electronic logging device are connected to Geotab servers via an internet connection. The Geotab Drive app needs a Wifi or cellular connection to properly function. Heavy users of the Geotab Drive App will only average 300-350 MB/month of data! Geotab uses the power of its servers to take all your data and process it in near real-time.

Can you edit an ELD Log?

Yes, the logs can be edited to a certain extent. Logs can only be edited if the following guidelines are followed. Driving time cannot be edited:

  • The driver must make an annotation (note) when the log is edited, explaining the reasoning behind his actions.
  • The driver is solely responsible for the logs. If an administrator or someone else edit the log, the driver still has to verify the accuracy of the logs. He or she will be ultimately responsible for the contents of their logs.
  • The original ELD log will still be maintained on the system and cannot be edited.

What are the benefits of an ELD system?

The ELD mandate is designed to help both drivers and other road users be safer on the road and create a central system for tracking your logs. It will also reduce costs as keeping records of your duty status (RODS) is costly when you are dealing with paper logs. Eliminating paper logs reduces the risk of errors in record keeping and having a central system allows for better transfers to law enforcement agencies.

Other benefits include:

  • Increase driver safety and save lives.
  • Automated Recording of Duty Status — By automatically recording duty status for drivers, HOS compliance can be improved.
  • More drive time — Drivers no longer have to fill out and submit paper RODS.
  • Less administration — Office staff no longer have to process paper RODS.
  • Lower paper costs — Paper logbooks are no longer necessary.
  • Support for IFTA and IRP mileage reporting
  • Vehicle inspection reporting
  • Fuel usage monitoring
  • Engine fault reporting — Allows for proactive vehicle maintenance.
  • Driver safety monitoring
  • Receipt and invoice scanning
  • Access to real-time data — ELDs provide a lifeline to data that can be used to increase overall fleet productivity and efficiency.

Is there any risk to the ELD system?

The Geotab system uses a passive tracking device and can be used with your cell phone or tablet. The device plugs into your diagnostic port and is a simple plug and play installation. The device should not affect your vehicle in any way. The Geotab Drive app for ELD is very easy to set up and you can be up and running within a matter of minutes. Additionally, we offer free training to all our clients and encourage our ELD clients to get trained in the system as soon as possible so that they are fully compliant with the regulations.


If you have any questions, please contact us.