Paratransit Vehicle Tracking

Benefits included for your Dispatch, Drivers, and Hands-free Logbook and more

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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Dealing with the unexpected is the norm for paratransit and ambulance services.  Take the guesswork away with an accurate Fleet Management System.  Use the power of 24/7 pinpointing GPS technology to locate nearby vehicles and effectively allocate them to time sensitive destinations.  Keep track of current vehicle status and maintain a regulated drop off and pick up log that keeps things running smooth.  Give your passengers the prompt and efficient service they deserve.

  • Dispatch – A GPS tracking solution will make it possible for dispatchers to send drivers to an increased number of jobs without the cost of hiring more drivers or purchasing more vehicles. Routing becomes easier and clearer resulting in increased accuracy, lower fuel consumption, less wear and tear on your vehicles, explicit data on maintenance, and so much more.  The advantages to your dispatchers are valuable and immediate.
  • Drivers –  Your drivers can supplement their work orders and verify their time spent at appointments and job sites.  This offers them a reliable way to track their progress and protects them (and you!) against customer complaints.  A GPS tracking solution will provide all the details necessary to show time of arrival, time spent at a site, and more!
  • Hands-Free Logbook: There is no longer the need for drivers to record their mileage and customer call logs. This saves time and enables drivers to focus on delivering outstanding service.



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