Now that you’ve decided to get your vehicles outfitted with GPS tracking devices, how are you planning to give your employees, vendors and/or suppliers a notice of GPS tracking? Our experience shows that employees are much more receptive to the benefits of tracking when they are made aware of it, rather than discovering a unit and feeling that their privacy has been betrayed or that they are not trusted. The system is both for their benefit and safety, as well as the company’s. By taking a preemptive approach, you are allowing open lines of communication regarding the system and why you chose to implement it. 

Below you will find an example template you can use as a “Notice of GPS Tracking”:

GPS Tracking Notice

You can download the Notice of GPS Tracking Template and edit it to fit your needs. Adding in information to make it specific to your company will further itemize its useful, as well as how or why you plan to use it going forward. When your employees understand exactly why a new product or process is being put into place they are less likely to resist the improvements.


Contact us if you are in need of some tips for introducing GPS tracking technology to your employees.