Mobile Resource Management GPS Tracking

Benefits include increased Accountability, Productivity, Real Time Tracking

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Mobile Resource Management Solution
While these challenges may seem insurmountable, an integrated mobile resource management product addresses them in an easy to implement, affordable way. MRM provides the flexibility and features that enable utility companies to improve every component of the way their mobile workforce operates in the field. From their mobile phones, technicians can clock in and out, get turn-by-turn directions to the job site, receive automated job details and provide job status updates. Supervisors can use GPS data to manage and dispatch technicians, reduce fuel waste, monitor vehicle and equipment usage, ensure timecard accuracy and improve customer communication.

With MRM, management and dispatchers no longer need to call technicians for their location. They can locate technicians and equipment in real time via GPS. Technicians don’t have to waste valuable time making trips to and from the office to turn in time sheets or job reports. They can track their time, mileage and job status updates through their cell phones. MRM also enables the automatic update of a utility organization’s back office inventory management system by providing an easy way for field technicians to report parts and equipment being used on each job in real-time.

MRM helps technicians spend less time on paperwork and other tedious tasks and more time doing what they do best. Management benefits from a mobile workforce that is more productive, saves costs and provides a higher level of customer service.

“Anything we can do to get an advantage over our competition and provide quality customer service is a good thing,” said Glenn Grossman, Service Manager of West Side Electric. “With MRM we got everything we needed and then some.”

GPS Tracking Improves Accountability, Productivity
The ability to monitor technicians with GPS data is critical to the effectiveness of mobile resource management. Knowing exactly where technicians and assets are can drive significant productivity increases. Without MRM, managers and dispatchers must call technicians on their wireless phones to determine where they are at any given moment. This interrupts technicians and can significantly reduce their productivity. Managers aware of this loss in productivity may be reluctant to contact technicians, leaving them in the dark about their whereabouts.

Mobile resource management resolves both of these issues. As noted by the Aberdeen Group in its December 2007 study, mobile resource management improves workforce utilization by 26.1 percent.1 By tracking their technicians on a Web-based map, managers are fully aware of the exact, real-time location of every technician in their fleet. Managers can ensure field technicians are where they say they are and doing exactly as they should, without interrupting their work. This improves both accountability and productivity for all parties.

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