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Benefits include fleet efficiency and productivity, better delivery times, lower insurance rates

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Direct Benefits

The direct benefits of using vehicle tracking can be seen easily. An increase in your fleet’s efficiency and productivity as well as the improvement of your customers level of satisfaction and service. Reduced servicing and fuel costs are achieved due to the accurate data that is produced, showing fuel consumption, driver style and engine load.

Delivery times and better supply chain management are achieved as a direct result of vehicle tracking software. Insurance costs too are much lower since many insurance companies will provide lower premiums and better deals to fleets that use a vehicle tracking system.

It gives definitive proof of exactly where and when deliveries are made, preventing any disputes over arrival/departure times. GPS tracking software greatly reduces the amount of paperwork your drivers have to do freeing up their time to get on with other tasks. Other direct benefits are that your vehicles standing time is reduced and you can dramatically reduce your drivers overtime costs to more effective fleet management.

Indirect Benefits

The indirect benefits are a by-product of using GPS tracking software and can provide higher security levels for the drivers and vehicles in your fleet. These increased safety and security levels allow you to keep an accurate track of all your vehicles whereabouts at any given time. Should an accident or incident occur then the vehicle recognition feature in the tracking system enables you to prevent any unauthorized usage and can identify the vehicle if necessary.

The working environment in your office can also be improved due to a distinct reduction in control room noise and activity. A full comparative analysis of your driver’s effectiveness behind the wheel can be reported on from the data produced by a GPS tracking system and data from an accident or crash can be provided if necessary in the case of a dispute or claim.

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