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Locating the Engine Diagnostics Port (1:05)

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Installing the GPS tracking device:

Every vehicle made after 1996 has an engine diagnostics port

Location: Typically found to the left of the driver near the parking brake or hood release. It may be located behind a plastic panel. Also confirm that the port is located where it will not interfere with driver accessibility, i.e. driver knee or foot. If driver interference may be a problem then you can order an extension cable.

Identification: Typically a 1.5″ trapezoidal shape as shown in the video. If you find a round shape port about 1.5″ diameter, then you need to get an adapter.

Optional: The GO5 does not have to be installed connected to the engine diagnostics port. The GO5 can optionally connect with a 2-wire (power / ground) cable adapter.



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