Geotab Detailed Trips History Report

GPS Tracking America

Please see below sample of Geotab Custom Detailed Trips History Report

It is a report for driving activity and it shows:

  • where each of the trucks stopped
  • how long they stopped
  • how long they were driving
  • the distance driven
  • how long the engines were idling

The Geotab GPS Tracking system can have this report automatically arrive:

  • emailed to whomever you want
  • emailed simultaneously to as many people as you want
  • as often you want (ie. every day, every week or every month),
  • for whatever period you want, ie. for the previous day’s or the previous week’s driving for all the trucks.

You can also setup a similar type of report to automatically arrive via email, but rather than a report of all the group of drivers activity for each day of the week,
it will show each individual driver’s total driving activity for the previous day, week or month.

You can use these types of report to:

  • verify employee productivity:
    • are they being efficient in the deliveries that they are making?
  • verify employee pay:
    • ie. it becomes an automatic employee punch clock
  • verify customer service levels

We can also setup a customized report for maintenance to automatically arrive to show who is due for maintenance based on calendar, kilometers, engine hours, etc.