Geotab Routing and Advanced Routing

available from GPS Tracking America

Geotab features a built in routing feature that come standard with the system. It allows you to dispatch your vehicle using the Geotab drive app. Geotab also features the unique marketplace, where you can find advanced routing partner such as Route4me.


Built-in routing with Geotab:

In the Geotab fleet management software, users can easily create a route consisting of multiple zones on a map, which the driver can then see from the GPS device in their vehicle (Garmin) with Pro plan and with propitiatory cable. You can also receive it on the phone via the Geotab Drive app included in the Base Plan pricing.

Routing will include arrival time estimates for road speeds and traffic, when using the Geotab Drive smartphone app, because Geotab Drive is using Google Maps to calculate routes.

Geotab also provides a simple way to compare the planned versus actual routes, as well as important information such as:

  • Expected arrival time
  • Actual arrival time
  • Stopped zone
  • Idling duration
  • Route optimization

In addition, managers can access the Route Summary Report to find out the number of routes that have been followed over any given time period. This will allow them to acquire a complete summary of the entire fleet. Through the Route Summary Report, users also have access to important routing information such as:

  • The route name
  • First departure
  • Last arrival time
  • Office duration
  • Home duration
  • Driving distance

Advanced integrated routing with Geotab marketplace partner Route4me:


We have partnered with a Geotab marketplace provider called Route4Me to provide advanced routing for an extra charge.

Here is some information:

Route4Me provides dynamic route sequencing and optimization software. Highly intuitive and easy to use, Route4Me allows customers to create, share, manage, track and drive optimized routes in a matter of seconds.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple-Routes Mapping – Dispatchers using Route4Me can view the planned routes for all vehicles and the real-time position of all vehicles, including latitude & longitude, speed and which direction a vehicle is heading, on a map.
  • Planned Route vs. Actual Driver Behavior – Business owners and dispatchers can now compare planned routes with the actual breadcrumbs for all drivers.
  • Dispatching – Dispatchers can send driver’s routes directly from Route4Me to the driver’s Route4Me mobile app for voice-guided turn-by-turn directions.
  • Plan optimized routes for all your drivers automatically inside of Route4Me’s website and dispatch them to your driver’s Route4Me mobile app without any legwork. This allows you to get the best route, to the right driver, at the right time.

As new orders come in and older ones are completed, routes constantly change and need to be re-optimized. With Route4Me, you can now stay synchronized, ensuring that the optimal dispatch sequence is safely and automatically accessible on the Route4Me Android or iOS mobile app.

For more information visit the Geotab marketplace page for Route4me at

Please contact us for pricing information for Route4Me.