Oil & Gas, Bulk Hauling GPS Tracking

Benefits to Bulk Haulers that increase safety,cut costs, and increase productivity

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Bulk Hauling GPS Tracking:

At GPS Tracking America, we understand that bulk haulers and oil and gas service companies often operate in remote areas and have specific needs when it comes to providing a safe work environment to drivers.

GPS Tracking America’s systems and services enable fleet managers to monitor vehicle locations in remote areas, communicate with vehicles and drivers, view detailed reports on vehicle and driver activity, and react swiftly to critical events and emergencies. We also have technology solutions to help you monitor and manage assets like trailers and industrial equipment.

GPS Tracking America’s systems include mapping built using the LSD grid system, which is critical for oil and gas location. The mapping system can be used for route optimization, security and safety applications as well as tracking and tracing vehicles in-transit.

GPS Tracking America’s has both products and services that can meet your specific needs. For Shaw Tracking services specifically related to the oil and gas, bulk-hauling industries, check out the following:

  • Performance Monitoring – Fleet managers can monitor fuel consumption, as well increase fleet safety and performance.
  • Critical Event Reporting – Automated vehicle monitor that enables safety and fleet managers to proactively manage the behaviour of drivers in real-time.
  • Automated Arrival & Departure – Track arrival and departure times at both planned and unplanned stops along a driver’s route — eliminating the manual entry process and maximizing driving efficiency.
  • Automated Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting – Eliminate hours of IFTA reporting, while relieving your drivers of the burden of completing trip sheets.
  • SpeedGauge – Identify high-risk driving behaviour, control speed, and monitor and rate drivers on all types of roads, while helping to maximize fuel efficiency and lower costs.

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