Geotab has added many features for Electric Vehicles (EV)  to the top rated telematics platform MyGeotab to help you manage your EV fleet.. As electric vehicles become more affordable and charging infrastructure becomes better, more fleets are looking into updating the vehicle to and EV.  EV are more connected and require more data. To help your business utilize and maintain your electric vehicles, Geotab has updated the robust MyGeotab platform with features specifically designed for EV’s. Some of the EV specific features include, charging and power reports, ability to see the vehicles charge at a glance, and notifications with EV data. All the EV features in Geotab are only available in the Pro plus plan, giving you access to real time live animated tracking, lifetime warranty, 24/7 direct support and more.

Here are some more details on the features for electric vehicles in Geotab:

EV Charge Level and Charging Status on the Map:

The updated MyGeotab map can show the remaining power levels of your vehicles, as well as when the vehicles are charging. This way you can get a overview of the electric power of your vehicles, helping you make decision of how long they can be on the field before requiring to recharge.

electric vehicle fleet management

Fuel and EV Energy Usage Report:

The new fuel and EV energy usage reports allows you to get a full breakdown of your fleets energy usage. The MyGeotab system is designed for both gas and electric powered vehicle, therefore the Fuel and EV energy report will show both you gas fuel usage and EV charge usage in one report (see below). This gives a central place to view and manage your fleets energy costs for gas, hybrid or electric vehicles.

EV Charging Report

Geotab also has added the EV charging report to the MyGeotab platform. This report is designed to the when and how long your vehicle was charged, the location of the charge point and how much charge it received in terms of percentage and kWh. This report is designed to for fleet managers to get a battery understanding of the utilization of their electric vehicles in terms of energy required to charge. This report can also be used to see how much your EV is adding to a facility’s total electric output, by show how much energy was added in a specific zone.

Custom Notifications with EV Data

The electric vehicle data that’s being utilized by Geotab can also be used in custom alerts and notification. You can utilize the charge percentage, location and when the vehicle is charging to create notifications such as:

  • Battery low notification
  • Vehicle arrived at specific charge point
  • Vehicle has completed charging
  • No charging allowed during certain hours

There are many ways to utilize these notification and EV data. The combination of EV data with the robust MyGeotab alerts functionality means you can manage your EV fleet with very little interaction with the MyGeotab platform.

electric vehicle tracking device

Please contact us for more information on the electric vehicle features in Geotab or any other product/services you are interested in.