GPS Tracking in Doors and Windows Manufacturer Industry

Benefits include Live Tracking, Zones, and peace of mind

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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  1.          Use Indoor GPS Tracking

Many conventional inventory tracking systems note the location of your inventory within the warehouse upon arrival. However, if the pallet or box is later moved to a different location, it can easily become lost or misplaced. GPS tracking ensures this doesn’t become a problem.

  • Leverage GPS tracking to more accurately locate and monitor your inventory tracking process within your warehouse so as to reduce lost inventory and shrinkage rates
  • Indoor GPS tracking can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from consistently using handheld bar scanners to record locations, to creating a ceiling grid system of QR codes automatically scanned by your pallet moving equipment
  • Assisted GPS enabled devices planted on crates, pallets, or packages are another way to effectively track the location of inventory; this data can then be integrated into your warehouse management system for further automation and process efficiency


2.            Create a Geofence

Part of tracking inventory requires you to not only know the location of your inventory at all times, but to also know when it has left the warehouse. A Geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area, which can then provide notification as inventory enters the defined perimeter as well as when it exits. Running reports on this data can extract intelligence to suggest patterns where process improvement might be a good idea to help reduce theft or obsolescence. Outside of standard use, GPS tracking devices can do more than simply provide the location of a specific item at any given time.

  • A “geofence” – can be programmed to know when certain items are scheduled to arrive or leave the warehouse, enabling more accurate delivery times when inventory is shipped while locating trouble spots where inventory is at risk of loss or shrinkage
  • Security alerts can be programmed to provide notification if inventory is removed at the wrong time, either intentionally or on accident, cutting down on loss from theft and mishandled shipments


Using this to keep track of your items with our GPS Tracking System will help secure your Doors and Windows Manufacturer to help cut costs and save on labour.


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