Dewatering Services GPS Tracking

Benefits include engine run hours, utilization, and engine data

provided by GPS Tracking America

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Depending on the system chosen, dewatering services GPS tracking can provide the following reports:

  • Engine run hours – The number of hours the engine has been on can be used to ensure timely scheduling of service maintenance. It also reduces time spent collecting hour-meter readings.
  • Utilization – A report on a machine’s total usage enables fleet supervisors to spread vehicle usage across the entire fleet.
  • Engine data – Remote access and real-time notification of engine data such as diagnostic fault codes, fuel consumption, idle time, temperature and pressure can be used to ensure a vehicle is operating at peak efficiency and proactively schedule operator training in the event of repeated misuse.

Satellite communications terminals can also be used for alert notifications where a manager can track unauthorized use by being notified via text message or email if a vehicle has violated a curfew or specific geographical boundary (geofence). Alerts can also be created to notify when the battery on a vehicle is low or being tampered with.

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