GPS Tracking in the Crane Services Industry

Benefits include peace of mind, ROI,

Billing, OBD, 2 wire, or 9 pin connectors.

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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Peace of mind with heavy machinery tracking

Something as big and expensive as a crane or hoist should be tracked 24/7. It should have a sensor to track engine hours for optimal maintenance. It should have a cost-effective way for any company to upgrade its system. It should be running GPS Tracking America’s Fleet Tracking System.

GPS Tracking America can give you the real-time metrics you need now for heavy machinery tracking. For better fleet management from vehicle and equipment recovery to optimized fuel use, exception alerts, maintenance scheduling and green fleet optimization, think GPS Tracking America.

The technology works by monitoring and tracking unique Manitowoc crane operational data to determine how and where a crane is used. It also tracks how many hours it is in use, and then transmits all that information back to the home office so it can be reported and analyzed.

With a functionally-rich on-screen dashboard you can take management beyond simple tracking by adding advanced navigation, routing and machine metrics to put you in control of all your assets.

ROI. It’s all about the numbers.

Whether it’s bulldozers or backhoes, crawlers or cranes, your heavy equipment represents a huge investment; make sure you get the maximum return. The GPS Tracking America Heavy Equipment solution offers several ways to improve your ROI:

  •    Asset utilization – Get better visibility on how much, and where, your equipment is being used. Redeploy, relocate or realize unusued assets.
  •    Maintenance scheduling – Monitor engine hours and diagnostics more accurately to avoid over or undermaintaining equipment.
  •    Unauthorized use – Monitor all use to cut down on unchargeable time, moonlighting or theft.
  •    Warranty recovery – With accurate usage records you’ll make better use of your warranty entitlements.
  •    Operator behavior – Use advanced diagnostic sensors to monitor usage that can shorten the life of your equipment.

Accurate billing and easier contract bidding

With verified GPS tracking, you’ll know exactly what the actual hours of use are for any or all of your equipment. Easily charge-out your rental equipment based on actual usage as well as verifying the correct number of hours worked by employees.

Validate your payroll timesheets and accurately know your daily billing.

And since you know exactly what the daily usage is, you can bid for new work more successfully without the fear of under-quoting.

Whatever type of equipment you use, we can handle it

Whether your business is about tower cranes, mobile cranes, earth moving equipment, generators or compressors as well as heavy trucks and service vehicles, we can help you manage it more efficiently to make sure you’re maximizing your investment. Anything you’ve got in your yard, job site or fleet including Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Volvo and more

It doesn’t matter whether your equipment is old or new, non-powered or even outside the cellular network, we know how to get the best information from it with a comprehensive range of GPS tracking devices and compatible hardware.

Real, Attainable ROI and Powerful Reporting

  • All assets viewed and tracked on a single screen
  • Assign and route workers to job sites
  • Real-time locations
  • One platform for varying GPS hardware
  • Optimum fuel, maintenance, safety and green impact
  • Real-time alerts: out-of-route and off-hours, idling, mileage, more

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