GPS Tracking in the Concrete Placement/Pumping Industry

Benefits Include dispatch, fuel, labor, billing, risk and more

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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Dispatch: Know where your vehicles are at all time using real time mapping
Fuel: Save a lot on your fuel bill by curbing off-hours usage, excessive idling, speeding, and fuel-card fraud
Labor: Your drivers will stop reporting time worked that they didn’t actually work. This typically provides instant return on investment (ROI) well past the ~$1.50/day the typical GPS Tracking product costs when the hardware is leased or built into the monthly cost
Billing: Prove to your customers your hours at their facility, which helps avoid “goodwill” credits where they’re not deserved — likewise, it helps you to get on top of problem drivers who are claming to work longer than they did — this cost you more than hours paid to your workers. It will cost you your customers as well!
Risk: When you implement and enforce a speeding policy, your drivers will stop speeding within a week. We have seen it so many times, and it is simply impossible for your drivers to avoid speeding detection with GPS Tracking. Additionally, you can establish and enforce an off-hours driving policy for your vehicles which will lessen the likelihood of an accident in a company vehicle, particularly a drunk-driving accident after hours when used to drive to the local bar.
Maintenence: Our GPS Tracking product talks to the engine’s diagnostics port, which means we know when your engine light is on and why. You get instant email alerts that there are “critical” problems with your vehicle such as transmission & brake issues, low oil pressure, and other major engine issues. Less critical problems come in a nightly email as well as on demand via the web interface. Very few GPS Tracking providers give this information and it is a key differentiator for GPS Tracking America typically.
Routing: By utilizing intelligent and optimized routes, your fleet’s efficiency will be significantly increased. Fewer miles driving to customers in the wrong order, less fuel, less labor, less maintenence, happier customers — they all add up to a significant advantage for your company after installing GPS Tracking devices.
Reports: Most concrete placement GPS Tracking companies provide detailed activity, summary, stop, idling, speeding, off-hours, and landmark/zone reports. Some companies provide more custom (or completely custom) reports such as State Mileage reporting (for fuel tax reporting), route compliance/deviation, etc.

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