Computer Repair GPS Tracking

Benefits include Limit Speeding, Idling,
Unauthorized Usage, and Optimized Routes

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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The following computer repair GPS tracking benefits are included with our Geotab Go GPS tracking systems

  • Limit Speeding: Geotab GO devices have built in cab buzzers that can help train your drivers to avoid speeding.  As the driver starts to speed the device will start to beep. only after going back to the speed limit will it stop beeping. This will help save you money on fuel as going over the speed limit increases fuel usage.
  • Idling: Idling is an unnecessary waste of fuel and by reducing the number of minutes drivers idle, you can cut down on the cost of your fuel expenses. You can set the number of minutes before the GO device will start beeping in the cab while idling and saving you fuel.
  • Unauthorized Usage: You will be able to determine when vehicles are used for non-company-related business, or prove compliance using odd-hours/weekend GPS tracking reports and alerts. These capabilities can be custom fit to meet your businesses normal hours or operating practices.
  • Optimized Routes: MyGeotab easily allows you to determine wasteful trips after the fact. Our highly intuitive reports can automatically measure the best route against what route your driver took and then show in detail how long the route should have taken. This can capture evidence of drivers padding hours by driving too slow or catch drivers who are inefficient and have to speed to make up their time.

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