GPS Tracking In The Carpet Cleaning Industry

The many benefits your company will see
when using a GPS tracking system

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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Improved Customer Service

The features of the GPS tracking system allows you to find the closest vehicle to a customer location. This ensures that customers are able to get service quickly and efficiently. The ability to provide accurate arrival times for customers is important in meeting service goals in the carpet cleaning industry.

Improved Communication

GPS tracking for carpet cleaners allows you to create zones for each customer. For example, when the employee’s vehicle arrives at or leaves from a client location, the dispatcher receives an alert. This can help managers communicate more effectively with their fleet and reduce the uncertainties of employees locations without GPS tracking.

Improved Productivity

At GPS Tracking America, we use Geotab‘s GPS units to not only monitor vehicles, but also monitor the carpet cleaning equipment. This will ensure theft protection seeing as you will always be able to idedntify the location fo your equipment with location tracking. You can know exactly when the truck arrives on property, when the machine is turned on and how much time elapsed in between arrival and production. It also for monitoring how long the machine is on. For example, a customer who only needs one room cleaned should take only about 30-45 minutes. If you notice suspiciously long times, it may help you indicate employee misdoings.

Improved Accountability

One of the key benefits of our GPS tracking system is its ability to use historical tools and reports to analyze and measure actual carpet cleaning work performed. Knowing exactly how long a carpet cleaning technician spent with a certain client and the total machine on time provides justification for billing and proof of work which is invaluable for us and for our clients so that they know they are getting accurately charged for services performed.

At GPS Tracking America, we offer carpet cleaning GPS tracking services tailored to your business and unique business needs. If you are interested in GPS tracking for your carpet cleaning business, you can visit our online store or speak directly to one of our knowledgable sales representatives toll free at 1-877-477-0987.