GPS tracking units in the automotive parts delivery industry

Taking a look at increasing productivity decreasing expenditures

Provided by GPS Tracking America


Automotive parts delivery fleet tracking : here are a few benefits that your company would enjoy:
GPS tracking is customer service at it’s finest. You know instantly which of your drivers is closest to the customer needing help.

Imagine how thrilled your customers will be when you can tell them exactly when to expect their delivery!

Using GPS tracking allows you to know how fast your employees are driving, how long a break they are taking (vehicle hasn’t moved), and if they are where they say they are!

GPS tracking also allows you to monitor fuel usage based on how fast your employee is driving and the automatic mileage feature reminds you to schedule, regular preventative maintenance.

GPS tracking allows you to reduce fuel usage by reducing engine idling with an in cab buzzer that will go off after so many minutes during idle time.

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