Automobile Rental, Car Rental Uses GPS Tracking Systems

Car Rental vehicle tracking prevents misuse of vehicles and prevents vehicles from theft

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Car Rental vehicle tracking:

Car rental companies can charge appropriately, ie for extra usage when the client violates the contract by taking the car out of province or out of state or drives beyond the maximum stated miles or kilometers or even for driving beyond the speed limit.

The cars are fitted with an electronic GPS tracking device, so the car rental company will know the client’s exact route.

Marianne Sullivan, President of the Association for Car and Truck Independents and Franchisees, says A number of rental car companies have put GPS tracking systems in their vehicles. And that’s mostly to protect the vehicle from theft or misuse.”

Within ten years, the GPS industry predicts, every car on the road is likely to be equipped with a vehicle tracking device.

Glen Gibbons, editor of GPS World magazine, says It’s become very affordable to put very small GPS receivers on almost everything that moves.

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