Substance Spreader Controller – IOX-COMSPREAD




The IOX-COMSPREAD is a Substance Spreader Controller supporting Rexroth Compu-Spread CS-440 and CS-550 solid and liquid spreader controllers commonly found on snow vehicle equipment. The IOX-COMSPREAD reports the amounts of material spread (granular, liquid and pre-wet), the time of spreading, and the spread rate (set and actual) through the GO device to MyGeotab.

IOX (Input / Output Expanders) plug directly into the GO device and are used to extend the GO device to peripherals in your vehicle. Leveraging the CAN networks that run on the GO device, IOXs can be daisy-chained together meaning multiple peripherals can be added to the GO device.

  • View on a map which roads have been salted or sanded or had other material applied
  • View areas on a map where blasting occured
  • Track rate, quantity, and time spent sanding, salting, blasting, or applying other materials
  • Compare application rates to ensure some drivers are not over or under applying material


Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in