9-pin Universal Heavy-Duty T-Harness Kit – HRN-GS09K2-A


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9-pin Universal Heavy-Duty T-Harness Kit model HRN-GS09K2-A for the Geotab GO tracking device.
This Multi-adapter kit consisting of a 9-pin T-harness and ​4 different mounting adapters (Adapter 1 pre-installed) for use in most heavy-duty international vehicles. 


  • Allows the engine diagnostics (Deutsch connector) port to remain open, to allow the mechanic to insert his/her engine diagnostics scanner.
  • The 4 different mounting adapters allow for installation in different heavy-duty vehicles makes/models.
  • This harness moves the GO device out of the way of the driver.
  • Required for vehicles where the recess of the engine diagnostics (Deutsch connector) port location prevents the Getoab GO tracking device from connecting properly.
  • Allows for convert installation under the dashboard and out of sight while still leaving the connector exposed.
    Once installed, the Geotab GO tracking device is not visible, out of sight of drivers and thieves.

Length: 27 inches (68 cm)

Max length of connected cables: 6.5 feet (2 meters)


Geotab’s HRN-GS09K2-A Universal 9-Pin Heavy-Duty T-harness kit is used for multiple types of Heavy-Duty type installations such as buses, box trucks, and long haul tractors. Included in the kit are four different mounting adapters for different vehicle types.

Watch the Geotab installation video below for quick how-to instructions on installing theHRN-GS09K2-A Universal 9-Pin Heavy-Duty harness with a Geotab GO tracking device. The specific harness required for your vehicle depends on which port connection is in your vehicle. Follow the steps in this video to ensure your fleet management device has been properly installed.

If you are unsure about the connector your vehicle has or what harness you need, please contact GPS Tracking America for further assistance.

Note: For important safety information and limitations of use, please read the complete instructions, included with the 9-pin Universal Heavy-Duty T-Harness Kit.

To ensure the device is communicating, go to install.geotab.com and enter the device serial number.

Complete technical specifications for the 9-pin Universal Heavy-Duty T-Harness Kit can be found here:  https://goo.gl/8UPnAj


How to Install Geotab’s HRN-GS09K2-A Universal 9-Pin Heavy-Duty T-Harness (Video Transcription)

9-Pin T-Harness installation:

  1. Refer to the installation insert included with the T-Harness kit, to identify the correct mounting adapter for your vehicle.
  2. To change the mounting adapter, unscrew the screw cap from the back of the connector and slide out of the way. Grip the wires at the back of the cartridge and remove the connector and adapter together. Slide the adapter off the connector.
  3. Slide the correct adapter over the end of the cartridge, keeping the square notch pointing towards the pins on the cartridge. Slide the connector onto the cartridge, lining up the installation slots. Slide the adapter over the connector, lining up the square notch on the adapter with the notch on the connector. Slide the screw cap up to the connector and tighten. Save the remaining adapters.
  4. Locate the diagnostic port usually found under the dashboard on the drivers side. With a screwdriver, remove the screws from the port to release the diagnostic connector from the plate.
  5. Connect one end of the 9-pin T-harness to the diagnostic connector that has just been removed. Zip tie the connection to make it secure.
  6. Connect the GO device to the 16-pin end of the harness tightly. You will hear 6 beeps along with a momentary flash from the red, blue and green LEDs. Turn on the ignition. The device will beep as each one of the LEDs lights up. Red indicates ignition detection, green indicates cell connection and blue indicates GPS latch. Wait for all three LEDs to come on.
  7. Secure the GO device to the harness with a zip tie. Secure the GO Device under the dash, then coil the harness and zip tie up under the dash to a permanent location. To ensure quality of data, the device must not move in any way under the dash.
  8. Take the remaining end of the 9-pin harness and place in the original port location and screw in place. The installation is complete.

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