gps tracking devices for cars

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GPS Tracking Device

  • Small “palm-size” hardware with built-in antenna
  • Simple plug and play installation into the mechanic’s diagnostic port
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No wiring
  • No install fees – user installable
  • Will work with ALL vehicles (adapter may be required)
  • True LIVE second by second vehicle tracking
  • Historical data and mapping information never expires
  • Precise vehicle tracking and engine diagnostic information

Choose ONE of the Following:

NOTE: Extension cables allow you to place the tracking device on your dash or hidden away. They are NOT required and are optional.
Most of our customers purchase the Tracking Device Only and later come back and purchase a cable if they find out they need it.

OR optionally select:

Tracking Device
+ Extension

Plugs directly into your
diagnostic port.
Learn more ... The optional OBDII Relocation Cable is used to move the Plug N Track GPS device away from the port, and the GPS device out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

Straight Extension


OR optionally select:

Tracking Device
+ T-Harness

Provides additional diagnostic port connection
Learn more ... The optional OBDII T-Harness is used to move the GPS tracking device away from the port and keep the port open, ie. for the mechanic's computer scanner. The GPS device out-of-sight to drivers and thieves

T-harness Extension


OR optionally select:

Tracking Device
+ 3 Wire Harness

For covert installation, connecting to power, ground & ignition. Learn more ... 3-Wire harness to connect Geotab GO tracking device to power, ground and ignition wiring. Once installed, the Geotab GO tracking device is not visible, out of sight and inaccessible to drivers and thieves. (Professional installation required)

select 3-wire harness


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Device Details

The Geotab GPS tracking devices for cars and other light duty vehicles has been measuring vehicle trips and activity with the highest quality precision for over 20 years. The state of the art GO GPS tracking device analyzes activity every second from ignition, reversing, turning, accelerating,cornering, braking, stopping and much more.

Drivers can be notified when safe driving thresholds are exceeded.An in-vehicle audible buzzer can alert drivers to manage their driving habits to reduce erratic driving, speeding and excessive idling,thereby saving on fuel costs. (The buzzer can be deactivated).

As a leading technology engineering company solely focused on advanced GPS tracking, Geotab’s devices can accurately differentiate between aggressive driving, aggressive braking, accident events and even potholes in the road.

Geotab Inc. has been developing end to end GPS telematics solutions since 1996. Geotab’s solutions are proven technology used by some of the largest fleets in North America as well as some of the smallest. Geotab is established in more than 70 countries, with 1,600,000 tracking units in operation and consequently is at the forefront of fleet and resource management technology. Geotab offers GPS tracking devices for cars and software that is easy to use and is scalable (from small to large fleets). State-of-the-art software and hardware has always been a Geotab trademark. All of Geotab’s products are manufactured in Ontario, Canada.