GPS Tracking in the Construction and off road equipment and vehicle rental

GPS Benefits include  live tracking, zones, theft recovery,
and preventative maintenance.

Provided by GPS Tracking Canada

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  • Live Tracking: As simple as 2 clicks of your mouse you can see where your vehicles are at anytime 24 hours a day. You can also view where they were at any time in trips history this will leave a bread crumb trail as to where the vehicle .
  • Theft Recovery: Using the signal provided by the GPS Tracking System, the police can track down the stolen asset and arrest the thief. This will help especially with your off road equipment and vehicle rental.
  • Zones: Creating zones not only allows you to add a name to the area the vehicles are in to make it easier when looking at reports, but you can also tell when a vehicle enters and leaves a zone which can alert you of possible theft.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Geotab’s GO devices connect to OBD(On Board Diagnostic) Ports, 9 pin heavy duty, or can be connected by 2 or 3 wire connections for stealth installations.

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