GPS Tracking for Agriculture

Provided by GPS Tracking America

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GPS vehicle tracking, GPS asset tracking, and GPS-based applications in precision farming are being used for a variety of uses including:

  • Farm planning
  • Field mapping
  • Soil sampling
  • Tractor guidance
  • Crop scouting
  • Variable rate applications

…and much more!

  Why is GPS tracking systems important for agricultural businesses?

There are so many benefits to having a GPS tracking system in place for agricultural businesses. Not only do GPS devices help produce a higher yield and create a more environmentally friendly farm, but they can actually help to reduce expenses. The agricultural community is always looking for new tools that are more accurate, cost effective, and user friendly. Our GPS tracking devices can help farmers and agribusinesses become more productive and efficient in their farming activities.

Farming equipment is quite costly and GPS tracking for agriculture and farming businesses can help protect your assets in the case of theft. Not only will you be able to know where your equipment is at all times, but you can limit unnecessary wear and tear of your equipment with the help of GPS tracking. Also, you can program geofencing around specific areas or landmarks which allows you to get detailed information about specifc crops for example, in order to determine how well a crop is performing. With GPS tracking systems, you can get instant alerts to notify you of a problem which allows you to know everything about your equipment and business at all times.

Today, many farmers use GPS vehicle tracking and GPS asset tracking to enhance operations in their farming businesses. At GPS Tracking America, we provide GPS tracking solutions to businesses of all sizes and budgets, and in a variety of different industries. If you think that GPS tracking may be a great solution for your agricultural business, you can visit our online store to purchase your Geotab GPS tracking devices and real time monthly GPS tracking plans.

Still have questions or aren’t sure what plan would be best for your business? Speak directly with one of knowledgeable sales representatives that can help you with all of your GPS tracking needs by calling us toll free at 1-877-477-0987.