Geotab GO Plug and Play Tracker w/ Live GPS Tracking Service – Pro Plan (no contract)


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The price listed above includes:
The tracking device ($100.)
and two months service:

First month Base Plan tracking service: ($28.)
Last month Base Plan tracking service ($28.)

Total $156.00
No contract. Pay month to month.  Cancel any time.
Last month paid up front becomes 30 days notice.
The plan details are included below.

PROMO: Free tracker when you purchase 6 months of tracking service*
*limited time offer


Top Features :

  • Small “palm-size” hardware with built-in antennas
  • Simple plug and play installation into the mechanic’s engine diagnostic port (OBDII)
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No wiring
  • No install fees – user installable
  • Will work with ALL vehicles (adapter may be required)
  • True LIVE second by second vehicle track recording
  • Historical data and mapping information guaranteed for at least one year
  • Precise vehicle tracking and engine diagnostic information*
    *available on Pro and Pro+ plans

Geotab Inc. is a world leading developer of GPS vehicle tracking technology.

The Geotab GPS tracking system has been measuring vehicle trips and activity with the highest quality precision for over 20 years. The state of the art Geotab GO tracker analyzes activity every second from ignition, reversing, turning, accelerating, cornering, braking, stopping and much more.

Drivers can be notified when safe driving thresholds are exceeded. An in-vehicle audible buzzer can alert drivers to manage their driving habits to reduce erratic driving, speeding and excessive idling, thereby saving on fuel costs. (The buzzer can be diabled).

As a leading technology engineering company solely focused on advanced GPS tracking, Geotab’s plug and play tracker can accurately differentiate between aggressive driving, aggressive braking, accident events and even potholes in the road.

Geotab Inc. has been developing end to end GPS telematics solutions since 1996. Geotab’s solutions are proven technology used by some of the largest fleets in North America as well as some of the smallest. Geotab is established in more than 70 countries, with 1,900,000 tracking units in operation and consequently is at the forefront of fleet and resource management technology. Geotab offers software that is easy to use and is scalable (from small to large fleets). State-of-the-art software and hardware has always been a Geotab trademark. All of Geotab’s products are manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

Tracking Device Installation:
Locating the Engine Diagnostics Port

Tracking device installation is a simple procedure. It is very easy and requires no tools. Every car and light duty vehicle made after 1996 has an engine diagnostics port, called the OBDII port, where the mechanic inserts his/her computer scanner to connect to the vehicle computer to diagnose the vehicle health. The port is typically a 1.5″ trapezoidal shape as shown in the video. Typically you will find the port to the left of the driver near the parking brake or hood release. The port might be behind a plastic panel. The port is required to be within two feet of the steering column.

When looking at a heavy duty vehicle, you might find a round shaped port about 1.5″ in diameter instead. If you find a round port, you will need a heavy duty truck adapter.

Please confirm that the port is located in a place where it is safe from being knocked. If you think driver interference due to the location of the port may be a problem, then we do have extension cables that you can order. You do not have to install the tracking unit connected to the engine diagnostics port. You can optionally connect the tracking unit with a 3-wire (power/ground/ignition) cable adapter.  This type of installation must be performed by a professional installer.

To check the status of your installed Geotab GO Plug and Play Vehicle Tracking Device, visit:

This video shows the installation process into a light duty vehicle.


If you have difficulty locating the OBDII port, click HERE for a reference for all vehicles.

Plan Details

Essential Features

Features: Description / Benefits:
Simple Plug-&-Play device installation Takes seconds.
Shown here:
Web-based software Ease of access, unlimited users and computers, anywhere
Apps for Android and iOS Ease of access, unlimited users with smartphones & tablets
Live Google mapping and other map types Includes: Google mapping and others, including custom maps
Unlimited Geofences Virtual geographic boundaries, with rule for entry and exit
Unlimited flexible alerts: customized for speeding, idling, geofences, etc. Help modify driver behaviour and improve customer service
Unlimited vehicles and users Fully scalable from one to unlimited vehicles
Flexible user security access control Set many different levels of security access
Second by second tracking using patented recording system* Accurate tracking helps accident reconstruction and defence
Locate closest vehicle by address or map position including distances Knowing closest driver, saves fuel cost and improves service
Basic driver coaching — Audible alerts and notifications for speeding, idling, and driver identification Bad driving behaviour affects vehicle & fuel costs and company image
Vehicle maintenance reminders scheduled by time or distance Save time, perform scheduled maintenance, avoid breakdowns
Device tampering detection Know if the tracking device was removed and take action
Driver Vehicle Inspection Report App (Android and iOS) Electronic results are sent to office, saves time
Timecard reports: Customize work hours, business vs. personal, etc. Monitor business vs. personal use, saves fuel, tax benefits
Privacy Mode Don’t track vehicles with set parameters to respect privacy
Driver ID feature available Know who was behind the wheel
Add-Ons and partner solutions through Geotab Marketplace Unlimited options and upgrades :
24/7 Technical Support No worries, we are here to help with the system – anytime

Advanced Features

Features: Description / Benefits:
Customizable dashboards See at a glance the concepts that you want to measure
Rich reporting functionality: editable, customizable Over 30 editable to start, with unlimited custom reports
SDK and APIs that are open, free, and easy to use Integration with free SDK – Software Development Kit
Security: End-to-end security using authentication, encryption, message integrity verification, individualized devices with unique IDs, non-static security keys, and digitally-signed firmware Demand security that it second to none
Estimated odometer and engine hours (not based on engine data) Automatic tracking of distance and engine usage
Over-the-air firmware updates and plan upgrades Avoid obsolescence
Scalable — up to 50,000 devices in one database Start small, grow large with flexible system
Guaranteed at least one year of cloud storage with tools for local file export Access historical information

Pro Features

Features: Description / Benefits:
Accident detection and alerts, via self-calibrating accelerometer For safety of the driver and the public
Advanced driver coaching — Audible alerts and notifications for harsh braking, sharp cornering, over-acceleration, seat belt use, vehicle in reverse, over-revving, etc. plus basic driver coaching Bad driving behaviour affects vehicle & fuel costs and company image
Advanced vehicle maintenance: scheduled by mileage or engine hours, Actual engine hours & odometer from engine Measurements are more advanced than Base plan
Advanced engine data: status data for all major engine protocols, including monitoring of: coolant temperature, RPM, check engine light, battery voltage data Know issues with the vehicles even before the mechanic. Knowledge of issues can help avoid costly repairs.
Advanced fuel management — Track fuel ups, fuel drain, fuel theft, fuel card integration, etc. Know the fuel efficiency of your vehicles and eliminate fuel theft
Free Geotab Drive app: Geotab Drive app: Routing, dispatch, two-way messaging, fuel tracking, ELD (Electronic Logging Device), HOS (Hours of Service), DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) Can be a great time saver and avoid purchasing specialized solutions, because these features are free
Optionally add sensor monitoring with attachment Monitor hydraulics, plows, temperature, PTO, with addresses, mapping and reporting of when sensors engaged
Optionally attach a Garmin navigational device for dispatch, to send/receive unlimited text messages, addresses & routes, receive driver status Can be a great time saver for drivers who don’t have smartphones


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