Flex Solar Asset Tracker – TT600 (Includes First and Last Month of Plan)


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The price listed includes the cost of the tracking device ($229.95) and the cost of the first and last month of the plan ($20 x2). The plan details are included below.


The TT600 Flex Solar Asset Tracker can be used to track trailers, containers, generators and other assets. With its rugged construction, long battery life, and highly efficient solar cell, this tracker is designed to endure the real world abuse most large assets experience. Use the collected data to stay on top of maintenance and avoid unexpected malfunctions, pinpoint exactly how assets are being used to maximize their productivity, and provide customers with updates on the status of their goods.

This is a great product for:

Trailer owners:

  • Who have large lots where employees move trailers without recording their movement
  • Who have a desire to maximize the capital they invest in their fleet
  • Who have trouble finding leased trailers when the lease is up, and that are regularly hunting for misplaced trailers

Fleet Managers who wish to track containers, generators, and other assets.

  • Simple Installation and Troubleshooting: No complex configuration- 4 Bolts and Go!
  • Dynamic Tracking: Get the current asset position with 1 GPS fix/minute while in motion
  • Self-Sustaining Solar Power: With a 4 month backup battery life at 12 reports/day
  • Rugged Design: IP67 certified with a 5-7 year battery life
  • Familiar User Experience: Data accessible in the MyGeotab platform, used on the same map as the GO Devices
  • Expandable: Optional RS232 or CAN connector allows for future capabilities like tractor power detection, temperature monitoring, and tire pressure monitoring

Solve three common asset management challenges:

  • Underutilized Assets – Reduce the need for more assets with better utilization
  • Disorganized Assets – Eliminate the time wasted looking for moved equipment
  • Misplaced Assets – Avoid large costs incurred by replacing lost assets

Flex TT600 Spec Sheet

Additional information

Weight 1.17 lbs
Dimensions 10.31 × 3.46 × 1.18 in

Plan Details

Essential Features

Features: Description / Benefits:
Web-based software Ease of access, unlimited users and computers, anywhere
Apps for Android and iOS Ease of access, unlimited users with smartphones & tablets
Live Google mapping and other map types Includes: Google mapping and others, including custom maps
Unlimited Geofences Virtual geographic boundaries, with rule for entry and exit
Unlimited flexible alerts: customized for speeding, idling, geofences, etc. Help modify driver behaviour and improve customer service
Unlimited vehicles and users Fully scalable from one to unlimited vehicles
Flexible user security access control Set many different levels of security access
Tracking every 60 seconds using patented recording system* Accurate tracking helps accident reconstruction and defence
Locate closest vehicle by address or map position including distances Knowing closest driver, saves fuel cost and improves service
Vehicle maintenance reminders scheduled by time or distance Save time, perform scheduled maintenance, avoid breakdowns
Driver Vehicle Inspection Report App (Android and iOS) Electronic results are sent to office, saves time
Timecard reports: Customize work hours, business vs. personal, etc. Monitor business vs. personal use, saves fuel, tax benefits
Privacy Mode Don’t track vehicles with set parameters to respect privacy
Add-Ons and partner solutions through Geotab Marketplace Unlimited options and upgrades :https://marketplace.geotab.com/
24/7 Technical Support No worries, we are here to help with the system – anytime

Advanced Features

Features: Description / Benefits:
Customizable dashboards See at a glance the concepts that you want to measure
Rich reporting functionality: editable, customizable Over 30 editable to start, with unlimited custom reports
SDK and APIs that are open, free, and easy to use Integration with free SDK – Software Development Kit
Security: End-to-end security using authentication, encryption, message integrity verification, individualized devices with unique IDs, non-static security keys, and digitally-signed firmware Demand security that it second to none
Estimated odometer and engine hours (not based on engine data) Automatic tracking of distance and engine usage
Over-the-air firmware updates and plan upgrades Avoid obsolescence
Scalable — up to 50,000 devices in one database Start small, grow large with flexible system
Guaranteed at least one year of cloud storage with tools for local file export Access historical information