BeWhere M-IOT Solar Rechargeable Battery Asset Tracker (Includes 3 Year Plan)


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BeWhere has recently launched the the next generation of tracking Beacons. The BeWhere M-IOT Solar LTE-M Beacons, allows the user to track the device without using bluetooth. The LTE-M Beacons utilize the next generation LTE-M network technology to provide tracking through GPS and cellular data, while maintaining exceptional battery life.


• Off-the-shelf deployment

• Real-time tracking

• Configurable alerting

• Motion tracking, triggering updates

• Geo-Location

• GNSS: GPS / QZSS, GLONASS , Galileo enabled

• IP66 Rugged & dust / water-proof enclosure

• Pressure

• Light

• Accelerometer


• Ultra-low power platform

• Maintenance free, Rechargeable long battery life (10+ years with higher resolution update rates i.e. every 5-15 minutes when in motion).

• Low device cost

• Low deployment cost

• No reader needed

• Full coverage (deep indoor and rural areas)

• Support for a large number of devices

BeWhere M-IOT Solar Spec Sheet

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